Who we are and what we do!
We are Harley lovers and riders. We have been working on Harleys since the early 1970s (yeah, I had an AMF piece of crap!). We have had every type of Harley, from Knuckleheads to Sportsters to Twin Cams, EVOs and now M-8s. 

We don’t do it all in this shop. What we do is quality work at a fair price without adding inflaters to your bill like “Environmental Fees” or “Shop Supplies!” These costs are built into our labor rate. So, effectively, our labor rate of $85 per hour is a discounted rate by 8-10% because we don’t add this to your bill. You pay the labor rate for the work we do, plus parts, plus tax. That’s it! You get an additional 10% off the labor rate when you have a part installed that you bought from us. 

If you have issues with your Infotainment® System, or ABS brake system work (needs a special computer system only available to Harley dealers). Take that to the dealer.  We do not have the equipment or expertise to service these systems.  We do not do Harley-Davidson warranty work. But if you want a big bore kit, carb kit, throttle body, cams, exhaust, air cleaners, tuners, tires/wheels, seats, shocks, drive belt/sprockets, chain/sprockets or a complete engine overhaul, performance upgrades or other types of repair or maintenance work, we are your guys! We install and service everything we sell from the aftermarket segment. 

When you want to talk about what we can do to pamper your ride, call us at (304) 464 2008. We are open from 9-5 Tuesday through Saturday. We are closed Sunday, Monday and Holidays  If you have a hard time getting in during our normal hours, call and we will work something out. 

We value your time and your business. We act like it, too. 

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Jim's Hog Spa is US Navy Vietnam Combat Veteran owned and operated business and damned proud of it!